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Atum Learning & Training Management System

An easy to launch Learning Management System can increase chances of success for training initiatives by 35 percent.

Many organisations work with complex, judgment based processes. It is not sufficient to simply provide online content on LMS. Capability is built through proper alignment of the learning pattern and competency of each learner.

Smart LMS platforms use simulation, targeted content recommendation and behavioural training using latest techniques of machine learning.

Assign courses and learning paths to your learners, and LMS will recommend courses to each learner as per their job requirements, or for imparting a particular skill. LMS reports the progress of digital learning and certifies learners on the basis of assessments, done through quizzes and test papers.

Simplicity is essential not only in the learner interface but also in the administrative interface for managers. Try Rise.com from Articulate Plc, which is a global leader in elearning industry.

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Users of LMS Portals

Learning and Development Function

LMS provides an opportunity to create a corporate learning culture and is a useful tool for the L&D function:

  • Increase effectiveness of learning and development functions by tracking learning activities
  • Automating content delivery on mobile devices, normal computers, laptops, tablets
  • Identify best performers in the organization with the help of robust performance dashboards
  • Capture and replicate best performance across various departments
  • Make weblearning fun by using LMS compliant gamified learning content instead of regular page turners

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Sales Enablement

Sales teams need not only training material but also interactive/simulation based skill training so that they can confidently face customer interactions.
ATUM-LMS allows role play and coaching to give sales teams that extra edge which allows them to introdcue the product features and which takes the sales conversations to sales closures.
  • Content is made available just in time using artificial intelligence, ensuring that sales teams can refer product features, beenfits, comparisons very quickly 
  • A ready made repository of product demos and tools for capture new customer centric content
  • Powerful dashboard to link competency development of sales force in line with agile product launch

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions all across the world, are the biggest user of our LMS for online testing and systematic teaching of students.

Online real time proctoring using live and AI based proctoring has made it a critical online learning platform for Schools, Colleges and Coaching institutes

Educational institutions can avail special discounts for not only LMS but our Articulate 360 product which is used by 92000+ customers globally.

Retail Industry

Retail Industry

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Finance Industry

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Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Industry

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Healthcare Industry

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Role of LMS in Healthcare Industry

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BPO & KPO Industry

BPO & KPO Industry

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Security Measures

Security Measures

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Choose from Powerful Modules

Role of LMS in Learning & Development


Polyglot as the name implies takes care of making the LMS available to its end users in various languages. It is of extreme value in situations where end users are comfortable only in their native language, which in turn leads to high usage and coverage.


Role of LMS in Learning & Development


TMS modules within an LMS support management of classroom training, uploading of trainer's data, class attendance and resource management which gives a feel of a separate online training portal.



Content authoring module allows a quick development of content using the LMS itself. This is complementary to the external E-Learning modules that are uploaded on the LMS system. It works well when a content has to be developed quickly and there is not much time for getting an external E-Learning made.

Role of LMS for Educational Institutions


Quizzing module supports a variety of question types including Audio-visuals questions. It generates random questions with randomization options. The question bank and multiple banks can be blended in a test paper with various configuration options available on the SCORM compliant LMS



Gamification module makes it possible to bring gamification features into the LMS. This module allows bringing in different game dynamics into your quiz and content. This is quite a popular module for high-end users.



Performance support module enables development of SCORM compliant content to upload into the LMS for performance support. This is used by our clients for on the job training to provide knowledge support in the live job floors. 



Competency based learning strategy



Each subject matter expert or GURU will have a personal microsite to stir creative learning culture for organisation.