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Creating Impactful eLearning Solutions Through Localized Learning

Stratbeans understands the importance of your learning needs and aims to create highly customized  e Learning solutions that trigger productivity. Stratbeans provides translation and localization services to organizations that are looking to create eLearning based out of a specific region (e.g: e learning in India). There are many organizations that have a need to train their geographically diverse and dispersed workforce. 
Stratbeans has a rich resource pool of language translators for a large number of languages. We can provide translated text and voiceovers in multiple formats such as audio, video, modules, Microsoft Office, Flash, PDF, etc. 
Stratbeans has a vast experience in the localization and translation of content for creating eLearning solutions on a global scale. Here is a list of languages we offer -
  1. Indian languages: Hindi, Punjabi, Haryanavi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Assamese, Odiya, Urdu, Marathi, Bengali and Gujarati.
  2. AsiaPac languages: Mandarin, Taiwanese, Korean and Arabic.
  3. European Languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Slovak, Bulgarian, Greek, Dutch, Czech and Polish.

Our eLearning Localization Offerings

Industry & Subject Matter Experts (SME)

Stratbeans linguistic experts who have provided authentic consultation and have dealt with various industrial verticals such as BFSI, Healthcare, Hospitality, BPO, Retail, Manufacturing and various others. 

Regional Resources

Stratbeans has professional voice-over artists for a majority of the languages who do the audio content localization in practically any required language.

Value For Time and Money

Stratbeans guarantees that our lingual services help our clients get the value for their money; we can translate an eLearning course material several times in the preferred regional learners choice. 

Content Re-engineering

Your existing and new content can all be translated and re-constructed in multiple format as per choice such as audio, video, modules, Microsoft Office, Flash, PDF, etc.