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Creating Online Test Paper Using ATUM-TESTPAD?

ATUM TestPad is a cloud-based assessment, certification and feedback platform. With ATUM-TestPad, organizations can create online test papers very quickly to conduct an assessment of a large number of test takers. Its extensive reporting dashboard is used by clients from industries like Insurance, Retail, Banking etc. to assess or update their sales force. 

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Features of ATP
  • Automated alerts (on Email and SMS)
  • Bulk uploading of questions and IDs
  • Shows the hierarchy of the employees
  • Supports variety of question types
  • Generates random questions with randomization of options
  • Creates questions in 5 difficulty levels and allows moderator to create tests of different difficulty levels
  • Various formats of reporting
Online Test Paper Creation Solution

ATP’s corporate testing solutions cover a wide range of capabilities from pre-employment testing and skills assessments to certification tests. Hiring the wrong person or an unqualified person for the job can be costly in terms of both time and money. Assessing the knowledge of employees, agents or vendors through certification testing in advance of hiring them can save you the time and money.

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What are the Benefits of the ATUM-TestPad?

Selection From a Variety of Question Types
Many types of questions can be created ranging from: 
  • Multiple choice
  • True/False 
  • Match the following
  • Image-based questions
  • Voice-based questions
  • Descriptive questions
The ATUM-TestPad allows varying difficulty levels in questions, and also randomized questions in each test paper. For the test papers you can set the: 
  • Duration
  • Passing marks
  • Various subject areas
  • Period for which the test paper would be active
Test papers can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Moreover, various devices like iPad, smartphones, and laptop can be used to take the test.
User-Friendly Interface
There are many efficiency options in ATUM-TestPad, such as Bulk Creation of Question Banks and Bulk Creation of Test Taker Ids through excel upload.
Lastly, the workflow integration in ATUM-TestPad allows quick automation of many important activities.


Performer Insight
The test managers can find answers to many questions such as the following:
  • Who all have passed/failed in a certain test?
  • Who have taken the tests assigned to them and who all are yet to finish the assessments?
  • What is the individual test score of test takers? 
  • What is the comparative performance of a various set of test takers?
  • In which knowledge areas/ competencies the employees are weak and in which areas they are strong?
  • The reports can be categorized by parameters, such as location and designation.
  • Also, the reports can be downloaded as PDF and MS-Excel sheets.
  • Also, the reports can be forwarded to emails automatically, through “workflow integration”.
ATUM-TestPad can reveal knowledge areas in which test takers did not perform well - (i.e knowledge gaps). This can help in creating a focused training program that fixes those gaps. 
Robust Engine
ATUM-TestPad comes with a powerful reporting engine which gives robust reports in real time.
Easy Billing
ATUM-TestPad licenses are available in two billing modes:
  1. Pay as you go charges based on number of test takers
  2. Fixed yearly billing
Just fill in the details to know more about ATUM-TestPad. Contact us today on james@stratbeans.com for a free demo of ATUM-TestPad or call 0124-4377657.

Who are the users of ATUM-TESTPAD?

Hiring Function

For hiring function, the challenges are around the high cost of administrating the entire job hiring process. Use of ATP:
  • The candidate is pre-screened on the ATP before calling for further processing. This filters out unfit candidates.

Learning and Development Function

In learning and development function, here is how ATP is typically used:


  • To conduct refresher assessment on topics of organizational interests.
  • In case if policy changes or subject matter changes, it's not possible to go through the entire training. In such cases, case-based quizzes with an explanation of the given area are the best route.




Corporates use ATP in scenarios like:

  • Testing the staff on the knowledge level on the requisite subject matter, such periodic and micro tests motivates the staff to refer to the material. E.g. Sales force effectiveness training.
  • Testing the staff for compliance needs to have a proof of proactive action for the regulatory bodies. This is popular in Insurance and Banking domains.

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions have the largest number of users for ATP.

  • Coaching institutions use the tool to offer online tests instead of managing the unnecessary logistics and cost related with pen and paper tests.
  • Universities make use of it to support question-based learning.