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Articulate Technical Help Desk will help you get solutions for different types of queries which are listed below and you can submit upto 150 queries per month.
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1. Download and Installation of Articulate Software
2. Price Quotes for Articulate Software
3. Training related queries
4. Renewal and upgradation queries
5. License and subscription detailing
Working hours: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM IST
Contact Number: +91-9821501591
Email: articulate@stratbeans.com
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Overview of Articulate 360

Overview of Storyline 2

Changing of Annotations - Content

Changing of Annotations- Presentation

Publishing the screen recording in Mp4

Publishing the screen recording in Mp4

Introducing Simulation

Introducing Assessments

Introducing Quizzes & Creation of Quiz

Transition time edit of contents on a slide


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